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DANSCAMDANSE is organized by MahaWorks in collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff.

1. The festival deals with the special relationship between dance and the moving image. The festival aims to be the voice of a continuously growing crowd of dedicated choreographers and visual artists – a focused opportunity for exposing creations and a platform for reflection, exchange and discovery of this new artform.

2. DANSCAMDANSE will take place in Ghent, Belgium, 8, 9, 10, 11 November 2011 at Art Cinema OFFoff. The festival will present dance-film productions: as wel Fiction as Creative Documentaries, Choreography conceived for film or Camera Rework.

3. Deadline for submission is August 1th, 2011.

4. Please fill out the online entry form and send a DVD or USB stick etc to the address below. Dispatches from non-EU member states must be marked “no commercial value and for cultural purpose only”. Films will not be returned.

5. If no photos (digital hi-res images (JPEG, TIFF) are send by the applicant we ask the right to make stills ourself for publicity material and booklet. Directors can send more than one work. For each work a separate entry form is required.

6. Only the right-holder or his representative can enter a film.

7. There is no running time limit for films submitted to DANSCAMDANSE but Shortfilms are recommended.

8. We prefer a DVD for preview screening. But important is a data DVD or USB stick with the original HQ movie. A HD movie file in MP4 (H264 codec) format is our preference. We don’t use DVD’s for screening.

9. Films in their original language (except English or French spoken) should (if possible) have English or French subtitles.

10. DANSCAMDANSE is a non-commercial festival. There is no competition. There is no entry fee for participation.

11. As a non profit, low budget festival, submitted films are free of screenings rights.

12. Works will be kept with written permission from the authors to be included in our archive for educational purposes.

13. This number is forbidden in any form.

14. For selected films withdrawal by the author from screening is not longer possible.

15. The festival aims to present a selection of the works in other cities of Belgium and international festivals. If this is the case we will inform you and ask for your permission.

16. The author promises no animals were harmed during shooting.

17. Entering a film means acceptance of the DANSCAMDANSE regulations.

Please submit entry form online here. Sent preview and screening copies to the following address:

Zandberg 1
9000 Ghent

more info about DANSCAMDANSE (you can communicate with us in English, French, Dutch, Spanish)

tel: +32.9.330.03.72

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