2008 / Dark Speeches


Contrapuntal film in 9 facets.

"Dark Speeches" is a Black Power/Black Girls collective and at the same time a theatrical ideology. The gang members aproach music as a "playground for outlaws" where they give a voice to their "cause". Here, music is not about searching for a specific knowledge, instrument skills or (a)tonal ideas. That is what musicians do. They use the "being a musician" attitude as an antropological interest. Free music antropology but also music as propaganda for the music. Not primarely sound but attitude movement, engagement and platform.

Technical spec: 9 facet film, with equal duration. The original installation was presented on 9 screens. A 9 in 1 screen version also available. cast: Isnelle da Silveira, Yiphun Chiem, Luanda Casella, Heleen Vevondel, Priscilla Jeanbaptiste, Moya Michael, Lazara Rosell Albear

Concept, Editing, Direccion: Lazara Rosell Albear

A MahaWorks project 2008

SCREENINGS: Blue Note Records Festival Indoor, De Bijloke, Ghent Belgium 28 feb & 2 march 2008. Miercoles de Super Accion, Ciclo Experimental Interdisciplinario - NO PROTOTIPO - Proyección Videodanza – Libreria El Gato Escaldado – Buanos Aires, Argentina. curated by Florencia Gleizer – september 16th, 2008 Festival Azimut – CC Breugel – august 2009 during Live performance Dark Speeches. Art Cinema OFFoff – International Filmfestival of Ghent – Focua Asia with Live music by Dark Speeches – october 2009

With the support of the City of Ghent, Hot Club de Gand, Espace Senghor, De Media Markt Thanks to Henk Vandekerhove, Dany Deprez and CiCliC Records

Dark Speeches