2004 / HANJO


Hanjo: An opera film

Follows the creation process of “Hanjo”. It is an opera in one act, directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker with musical direction by Toshio Hosokawa. Lazara R. Albear filmed the costume rehearsals at La Monnai with two small miniDV cameras. The project involved a double casting for the woman's rol. The focus of the film lies on this aspect which reinforces the dreamlike/ghostly atmosphere typical to a Noh Theater piece. The film is not only a simple registration of the opera. The unusual photography and editing resonates with the power of the cast, scenography, lights and the music of the piece. The core of the film deals with the subject of having to work with a double cast of excellent female singers with different personalities, bodies and mindsets.

Creation: Aix en Provence 8 till 26 juli and La Monnai may-july 2004.

The young Hanjo waits day after day, benumbed, for the return of her lover. When he finally appears, she no >longer recognises him. He has become a stranger and does not fit with her memory of him. Hanjo therefore begins her waiting ritual once again.


Mise en scène: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Scénographie and lights: Jan Joris Lamers
Costumes: Tim van Steenbergen
Assistent 'mise en scène': Dagmar Pischel
Assistent choreographic movements: Arco Renz
Maquillages, perruques, coiffures: Catherine Friedland
Musical Assistence, pianist, 'chef de chant', English Coach: David Miller
Pianist, 'chef de chant': Noémi Biro
Musical Direction: Kazushi Ono, Georges-Elie Octors

Hanako, Sophie Karthäuser & Ingela Bohlin (sopranos)
Jitsuko Honda, Lilli Paasikivi & Frederika Brillembourg (mezzo-sopranos)
Yoshio, William Dazeley (baryton)
Orchestre de chambre de la Monnaie

'The Faces of Hanjo'

On-set documentary