2010 / Labo Mina


A dance of beings time spaces
patterns behavior
La muerte en vida
How long is now
not to be told rhymes of

This shortfilm was initially made for the Jonge Zwervers project of Art Cinema OFFoff at the Open Doors day of Nucleo vzw. The event took place at an abandoned building that once housed the Royal Technical Atheneum since 1827. The space has been empty for three years untill due to the efforts of Nucleo a group of visual artists was allowed to use the space as a working place. For the Open Doors events the artists used found materials to create their own works. As a filmmaker I thought to follow the same rule and went to explore the huge empty spaces, some of them full of leftovers, to create this film. A multilayer visual poem about decay and human waste. The film was first presented with a live electronic music performance by Lazara R. Albear and has been recently dotated with a soundtrack of altered original footage sounds and the track 'Damage Min.i.male' by Small Metal Gods group.

HDV - 16'

Jonge Zwervers
(project of Art Cinema OFFoff) at Open Doors #8 Nucleo vzw – 16 oct 2010

Labo Mina