2003 / Talking Feet


This cinematic tryptich is inspired the ancient Chinese tradition of feet binding. The pain that women bear over de century's and until today. The transformation of the body into art in today's Kyoto: a combination of tradition and virtual reality where questioning the contradictions seems unsensical.

cast: Heidi S. Durning, Keiko Kamashita, Ken Mai, Mami Shimatani, Norico Sunayama, Sayako Kamashita

Tech: Video Intallation - 3 Screens or Monitors or 3 in 1 monitor version - DVD - 14' + loop

cew list: direction: Einar Mar Gudvardarson and Lazara Rosell Albear - camera: Lazara Rosell Albear, Einar Mar Gudvardarson, Aron Berman, Briget Scott Satsuki - Editing: Lazara Rosell Albear - Sound Editing and Music: NOTOI and Lazara Rosell Albear

Production: MahaWorks and Lightcliff Art

SCREENINGS: Part of +/- L'Epicerie. 23 january-1 feb 2004 Paris. 13,14,15 May at Espace Senghor, Brussels.

TALKING FEET II - 2007 Hafnarborg Art Gallery, Iceland - 26th. April - 25th. May 2008 Art Cinema OFFoff - International Film Festival Van Gent - Focua Asia - 10 october 2009 III Festival Internacional Videodanza UARCIS Santiago, Chile 2th - 6th november 2009

Talking Feet