2007 / The Norway


What happens when performers lose themselves in the artificial reality of theatrical expression; in time they seem to find, in connection with each other, a logical reality in it. Can the viewer experience this too.

een film van Lazara Rosell Albear

Pushing pencil crew: Darlong: Lisa Lee Boudouin Sibling Player A: Arnhild Staal Pettersen Sibling Player B: Helga Kristine Edvinsen Alphonse: Petter Rossvoll

The String Trio Bratsj: Sigrid Bjørnerheim Hynne - Cello: Tabita Berglund - Violin: Leoni Abrahamsen Garner

Creative director – an aufbauproject /Catherine Kahn; Soundscape/composer – an aufbauproject /Ketil Gutvik; Choregraphy assistant – Lazara R. Albear; Technical/Scenography - an aufbauproject/TEKS; Scenography assistance - Una Line Hunderi

A project supported by Norsk Kulturråd og Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune Thanks to Trondheim kultur og musikk skole, DansIt, 7-Eleven

DV - 29' -2006-2007

The Norway